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Why You Should Flush Your Water Heater

Water heater repair

Professional plumbers agree that flushing your water heater is essential for keeping your system running correctly. While it may not be mandatory, it’s necessary for homeowners who want to get the full life expectancy of their water heater. It’s also critical if you want to reduce the frequency with which you need water heater repair and maintenance service.

Your water heater is a well-designed piece of equipment, but it still needs service to help maximize its performance and longevity. Performing a periodic flush will help you in more ways than you realize.

Understanding The Reasons & Benefits Of Hot Water Flushing

Suppose you’re not already familiar with the reasons why homeowners need to flush their hot water heaters. In that case, it helps eliminate sediments and prevent the buildup of things like calcium and minerals.

It’s a good practice to flush your water heater once a year, and this helps the heating elements at the bottom of the tank perform better and do their job easier. It enables the overall performance of your system and reduces the need for repairs, plus it puts less strain on the heater, which helps it run more efficiently.

Failure to regularly flush your water heater can cause issues like:

  • Higher utility costs
  • Clogs or blockages
  • More frequent repairs
  • Replacement before it should be necessary
  • Pipe leaks or bursts
  • Sediment coming from faucets

Believe it or not, even tankless water heater systems require flushing to help clean out the system and reduce the chances of sediment buildup.

Getting Professional Plumbing Assistance

There are online tutorials about DIY water heater flushing. However, the smart and safe approach is to let an industry expert handle the job for you.

Please don’t make the mistake of ignoring this task, though. Also, don’t take risks with your safety or your home by attempting to take the do-it-yourself approach to this or any plumbing tasks. You’re better off calling in experts, like our team at B-Line Plumbing & Drains.

Contrary to popular belief, dedicated plumbers don’t want homeowners to suffer repair issues to make more money. Our goal is to educate consumers, so they take precautionary steps to maintain their plumbing. The minimal cost and effort to maintain your water heater with tasks like flushing is a more attractive alternative to neglecting it and requiring our assistance for major emergencies.

When you’re ready for any type of service from our plumbers for water heaters and more, give us a call immediately.

If you're in need of a professional water heater repair team, then please call 720-514-3519 or complete our online request form.