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Shower Faucet Fixture Replacement in Thornton, CO

Shower faucet fixture replacement in thornton co

Our plumbing pros replaced some old brass stems in a shower valve that won't shut off anymore. Good alternative than cutting open the wall and replacing that whole thing! Completed in Thornton, CO.

Service: Plumbing Fixtures

Professional plumbers agree that flushing your water heater is essential for keeping your system running correctly. While it may not be mandatory, it’s necessary for homeowners who want to get the full life expectancy of their water heater. It’s also critical if you want to reduce […]

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Most pipe blockages can be avoided by simply being smart about what you do and—more importantly—DON'T put down your sink. Of course, any sensible homeowner knows that the best way to avoid the need for a drain cleaning is to avoid putting grease down the line. […]

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